Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July

It begins!
Our first shipment of Holiday stock arrived today, packed with a variety of new and vibrant designs. More importantly, at no extra charge, is the opportunity to create joyful and entertaining memories of this holiday season.

Stay tuned for more info as to what great new things we received. As soon as we can get them on the site, we'll let you know!
For now, start looking ahead at PaperStyle Holiday products.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Queue

Wow! What a busy week so far! Around the office, we use the term "in queue" quite often. I've got a fun project in queue. The Big Fat Greek Wedding order is in queue to print today. Your order is in queue to ship out today and arrive to you tomorrow. There are 3 people in queue for this next pot of coffee.

We're always looking for ways to improve our services and products, and we have definitely got a few interesting things "in queue" for 2008. Keep checking back for updates on what is going on here at PaperStyle!

Blog Reader Bonus!!!!
Share your thoughts with us, on something that you might like to see - either as a topic in this blog, or as part of our services and products. The Bonus to you? We will email you a 10% off promo code for your next PaperStyle Purchase! It's that easy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Letters from Home

In an age of text messages and emails, we have really gotten used to the immediately gratifying written word – daily for some of us! In our lives, we’ve all probably gotten a letter once or twice. Do you remember why you received those letters? Was it for something important and special? Was it a quick thank you, or a long love letter?

So now that you’re thinking about the notes you’ve gotten, what about the reasons that you could write a note?

Thank you notes are pretty common. For wedding, shower or birthday gifts; for job interviews; and for a job well done. Those are just a few reasons for a thank you note. The real secret to thank you notes is direct and to the point, but expressive and personal. Five minutes from picking up the pen, to putting a stamp on the envelope.

Quick Thinking of You Notes: These are my favorite. A quick note, sometimes only 1 or 2 lines long, written to someone you were thinking of and wanted to share that thought with. I’ve personally written notes like this on post-it notes, the back of an envelope, napkins, a sandwich bag, and even a playing card!

Love letters are an accomplished feat. In the words of author John Donne, "More than kisses, letters mingle souls; for thus friends absent speak." If you have ever recieved one, whether an elaborate missive or a crayon written "check yes or no" passed in class, you know the special feeling of opening that note. When did you last share that feeling?

Long Distance Letters: Another opportunity to write comes to mind. We got a letter this weekend from a friend of ours who is a U.S. Marine, currently deployed overseas. On this recent deployment, we have tried to send him an occasional greeting card, a letter, or even a Facebook message when we think of him! A group of friends sent him a care package for his birthday at the end of May, with a ton of fun goodies and notes from home. He was just writing to say how thankful he was to get some mail from friends at home and that it really made him feel good and loved to have those notes. Do you know someone who is currently abroad for work, pleasure or school?

John Michael Montgomery - Letters from Home

If you need a little help finding just the "write" stationary for you, check out our extensive stationary selection at PaperStyle. When you really get in that writing mood, drop us a letter in the mail - we'll write back!
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

A Real American.... Typesetter?

Did you know, that the first published copies of the "Declaration of Independence" were printed on the night of July 4, 1776, by John Dunlap of Philadelphia? The surviving copies, of which there are currently 25 out of 200, are refered to as "The Dunlap Broadsides." The last auction of a "Dunlap Broadside" sold for $8.14 million dollars!!! At PaperStyle, we can really appreciate a good typeset, and the "Declaration of Independence" is one that has lasted for 232 years and been seen by millions of people around the world! Wow!

John Dunlap later printed the "Constitution of the United States of America" in his Pennsylvania newspaper in 1797. John Dunlap found himself at the center of the birth of a new nation and made the most of his opportunities to serve the cause of freedom. As a printer, soldier, and as a financier to the Revolution, he deserves to be remembered as a patriot and a man of action in a time of great danger and sacrifice. For more on John Dunlap, visit Dunlap Info.

When you are looking at documents that our Founding Fathers created, take a minute to appreciate how far printing has come. Now, we can send an email and print it out on our home printer, or typeset your 30th birthday party invitation and print it on the invitation of your choice!

While celebrating our Independence, check out this Sample U.S. Citizenship Quiz courtesy of I got an 85%. Did you pass the test?