Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Team Pick {Carla}

This week we're celebrating birthdays! Not any of our own, sadly, but the excitement and festivity of birthdays and birthday parties is unbeatable (in our humble opinion), so we want to spend the week talking about celebrating people and the fact that they're here on this funny little planet with us.

This week's pick comes from Carla, one of our lovely Paper Stylists. She chose this funky fresh birthday invitation:


We asked her why she chose this invitation.

"This is one of my favorites, I just think it is a great concept, especially with all the food trucks that are around now.  I do have a customer that used it and she emailed me to say that she got amazing feedback on the invitations.  It was for a dentist office that was having a Open House and they had a couple of food trucks there, so it really tied in and set the tone for the event."

Of course, we love getting positive customer feedback, but we especially love hearing feedback that tells us that our designs are trendy and spot-on. This is a great invite, really colorful and fun, perfect for a birthday boy or girl of any age!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Team Pick {Aimee}

This week's Tuesday Team Pick comes from Social Media Coordinator Aimee, in honor of our week celebrating fall weddings! (Because barns! Pumpkins! Hay bales! Fall leaves! Pumpkin spice! Right?)

This is one of our newest wedding designs, and it's Laura Ashley, so what's not to love? The colors are so bright and the design perfectly captures the essence of fall. This invitation would be perfect for any fall wedding, especially one outside, with all the changing leaves! There's also a variation of this card in which the band with the text in it is orange, which would be bright and cheery, whereas the green is a bit more subdued. 

We'd love to hear what you think!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tuesday Team Pick {Terri}

This week's Tuesday Team Pick comes from our resident merchandising guru, Terri! Terri knows all our designs backward and forward, so if she's picking a card, it's probably a good choice!

Terri chose this design from Paper So Pretty, saying, "I love Halloween!!!  Every time I see this card it makes me laugh and makes me want to have a Halloween Party.  This invitation sets the tone for a fun Halloween Party Evening!!!"

This is one of our newer Halloween designs and we think it'll be popular this year!

Because, you know, what's better than spending Halloween fawning over a hunky bartender and enjoying some great cocktails? Right?

What do you think? Does this invite make you want to start decorating for Halloween already?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beach Wedding Invitation Roundup

So, we don't know about you guys, but we're not ready for summer to end quite yet. Especially with dreams of Labor Day weekend still dancing in our heads.

So, to keep the summer vibes going, we've got a roundup of our most popular beach-y wedding invitations!

Invitations for beach weddings are the most common type of invites that we see at Paper Style. Our customers love them some sand and surf, you know?

Of all our beach-themed invitations, this is one of our most popular. The sandy background is the perfect beach element, and the aqua accents also come in a pretty coral color. It's simple and colorful, perfectly reminiscent of time at the beach!

Speaking of colorful, this is another popular choice at PS. We see this invitation used often for smaller, tropical destination weddings. It's got a little more fun than elegance, but beach weddings are supposed to be fun, right? Right. 

This third invitation comes in a few different colors, which makes it very popular. The two best choices for seaside weddings are this aqua color (the back of the invitation is a sandy color, with the faint outlines of starfish) for beach weddings and the navy blue variation for nautical weddings. Either way, it's simple and elegant, and a subtle tribute to the sea.

This last invite is not quite as popular, but is the most obvious of choices for a beach wedding, so what the heck, we'll throw it in here.

What do you think about these wedding invitations? Love 'em or hate 'em? Do you think wedding invitations should have a direct correlation to the theme of a wedding?

If you're feeling the summery beach wedding vibes, be sure to check out our Beach Weddings board on Pinterest for tons of inspiration!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Employee Spotlight: Meet Terri! (...TAKE 2?)

The Paper Style Blog doesn't often feature articles using the first person. Most articles are written using the "editorial we" because The PaperStyle Blog is a representation of Paper Style as a whole. The author of any given article is merely a spokesperson on the blog, on behalf of the company.

But I have a funny story, so I'm going to write this blog post as myself. Allow me to introduce me: Aimee, Social Media Coordinator for Paperstyle.com.

I've worked for Paper Style for a little over two years now, and as you can all see on our sidebar on the right side of your screen, The PaperStyle Blog has been around longer than that. Before I came along, the blog was run by another member of the Paper Style team. About a week ago, I decided I wanted to write a blog post for this week featuring an employee who wears, like, a billion different hats and does some really cool stuff here at PS HQ. I had it all figured it out. I was going to have her chronicle all the things that she did in a day and blog about it for our interested readers. I was even going to call it Employee Spotlight: Meet Terri!
Turns out, someone beat me to it. As I wrote out the title to the post, I thought to myself, huh, that sounds familiar.

Now, when I took on the role of Social Media Coordinator and we really stepped up our blog game in 2013, I made sure to read our entire blog. You know, five years worth of blog posts. No big deal. So since the title sounded familiar, I figured there must have already been a post with that title. Not for Terri, surely, but for someone.

As it would turn out, three years ago (almost to the day!) The PaperStyle Blog featured a blog post about our Merchandising Manager, Terri. It was called Employee Spotlight - Meet Terri!

...I would like to emphasize the difference between using a colon and a dash, because I refuse to believe that I thought I had this cute and original title and then it ALREADY EXISTED.

To sum up the coincidence: same person, same title, almost same day, three years later. Craziness, no?

Anyway, I decided to combine the old post with this new one to preserve my pride and make an even better blog post. It's impressive to see the difference between the first article and all the things that Paper Style is involved in now. The craziest thing, though, is that Terri looks practically identical. Good genes, that one.

Anyway, here's the original Employee Spotlight - Meet Terri!

And here's what Terri's up to these days!

On an average day, Terri comes in early in the morning. Like, real early. Stock orders have usually piled up overnight, so Terri pulls all of the stock to fill the orders, takes them to the shipping department to be boxed up and then places orders (usually for Caspari paper products) for whatever items we're running low on. Terri is in charge of maintaining relationships and orders with many of the brands that we carry on our website. So, basically, she's got lots of friends. 

Periodically, Terri picks specific designs from our website to be used in emails that go out to all of our customers. Because Terri has a close relationship with all of our designers and ultimately chooses which designs we'll sell, she definitely has a great sense of what's popular and what people will most want to see. And because of that skill set, a large part of her job is merchandising and re-merchandising the content on our site. She'll make sure that the most popular invitations are right where people will be able to find them, and that products that aren't selling are removed, to keep the process of choosing your invitation convenient. 

Also because of those relationships with our designers, if a customer calls with special requests pertaining to an invitation, Terri will email the specific designer to see if the request can be addressed. She also sends out weekly emails to the designers with calls for specific types of stationery or invitations, for particular events or holidays. Essentially, anything having to do with our designers and/or designs is right in Terri's wheelhouse. In our current partnership with Laura Ashley, for example, Terri works with Michael, our Graphics Specialist, to develop designs and get approvals. 

But even all of these things don't encapsulate Terri's job. Though some of her responsibilities aren't every day things, it's important to note that she also helps put stock shipments away when the shipping department is too busy. She coordinates the process of receiving, organizing and stocking large shipments of holiday products (literal Christmas in July, no joke). And these are just the things that we see her do. She's got a lot of hats. Fortunately, she looks good in hats, so her job is a perfect fit for her. 

If you have a question for Terri, or you just want to tell her how awesome she is, you can email her at terrik@paperstyle.com, or comment below!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paper Style Says Goodbye to Andrew!

Yesterday, we all had to say goodbye to our Director of Content Management, Andrew, as he prepares for a big move with his fiancé to Peoria, Illinois. Andrew has been with Paper Style for 10.5 years, almost since the beginning, and certainly longer than most of us.

This guy.

So, we felt it necessary to celebrate Andrew and all his hard work for Paper Style with some roasting and toasting! (And a feast fit for a king!)

Potluck style. If there's one thing we all know how to do at Paper Style, it's eat. Samosas, green beans, chips and dip, tomato basil bake, pita and hummus, pasta salad, fresh fruit, cheesecake, banana pudding, gooey bars, brownies, hot pineapple casserole (and probably a few other things, too).

So we all gathered together in Type Stylist Land to eat and talk about how great Andrew is. 


Then came the stories and teary moments.

There are some members of the Paper Style team who have worked with Andrew long enough to remember him as a youngin'.

At Paper Style HQ, we have a wall in the very front of our office space that is covered with caricatures of every member of the team. That wall is a great representation of who we are as individuals, and as part of a larger unit. We sent Andrew off with his caricature and the "invitation" we had posted around the building for this "roast & toast".

You've got big things coming your way, Andrew. Best of luck with everything. We love you and we'll surely miss you!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Introducing: Our New Laura Ashley Vellum Wrap Invitations!

We're so excited to finally talk about a project that we've been working on for a while now! As many of you know, Paper Style has teamed up with Laura Ashley to design some truly beautiful invitations using some of their wonderful patterns! The new line of vellum wrap invitations features our awesome gatefold-style invitations which come complete with pre-assembled ribbon; the side flaps open to reveal the card inside. It's like opening a present and an invitation all in one!

Our classic gatefolds are made from our signature cardstock and then folded. But these new wrap invitations are special. Your invitation information will be printed on a 5x7 piece of designed cardstock (and you can choose from various stocks), which will then be placed inside a gatefolded sheet of patterned vellum, which is translucent, and gives little glimpses of the invitation inside. The whole package is finished off with a coordinating double faced satin ribbon!

Currently, our line houses holiday invitations as well as wedding invitations. We think they're breathtaking. What do you think?

Laura Ashley Holiday Invitations

And don't forget about the wedding line! (I mean, who could forget about the wedding stuff?!)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sorority Note Pad Design Contest Winner Announced!

A few months ago, we launched our line of official Greek stationery products, creating custom invitations, note pads, and folded notes for 12 different sororities!

We also thought that this new line would be a great opportunity to reach out to some of the great ladies living the Greek life and get some feedback. We even held a note pad design contest at the University of West Georgia, headed up by Kappa Delta Cara Markham, who also happens to be a member of the Paper Style Team! The contest was open to all UWG women belonging to sororities. All they had to do was come up with a note pad design for their sorority, sketch it out and turn it in! The winning design would be chosen by the Paper Style Team and featured on paperstyle.com. The designer would also receive a full set of personalized sorority stationery, plus a note pad for each of her sisters! Sounds great, no?

Last Friday, the winning design was placed on our site and our lucky winner was senior Avery Peterson of Chi Omega! Congrats, Avery! (Love the owl!)

For all you Chi Os, her design is available right here, and you can customize it with all your info.

Love the design, but not a Chi O? Feel free to browse the rest of our notepad offerings to find your letters!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wedding Stationery: The Trend Above All Trends

While trends of any sort pertaining to weddings are abundant, fleeting, and often contradictory, there are some trends, existing just below the radar (somewhere in between explosions of burlap and Gatsby-esque bejeweling), that will make it past the more transitory fads.

The important part of every wedding (and pretty much every wedding website in existence will remind you of this) is that your wedding be reflective of you and your partner. Today, weddings are becoming increasingly personalized, and we think that’s a very, very good thing. This is the trend above all trends.

Choose Your Color Infinity Wedding Invitations

When it comes to wedding invites, this inclination towards customization over tradition has even made its way to our doorstep. We find that fewer couples choose “traditional” wedding invitations, and we recognize that there are a whole host of reasons for this. Looking back at past wedding trends, companies like Crane and Anna Griffin (brands we carry ourselves) specialized in “traditional” wedding invitations with traditional wording, on thick cardstock, with either embossed, thermography, or letterpress type. There was little room for design (see also: personality) on the paper, so invitations began being enveloped in design, typically floral, and typically accompanied by lace, vellum, ribbon, etc. Invitations were then either plain (to one extreme) or frou-frou (to the other). And they were going to be expensive either way, which sends a message of formality.

But we’ve now entered an era where people throw all kinds of weddings with all different “vibes”. What if you’re not really into florals? Or your wedding is going to be super casual? Or you don’t have a lot of money?

The era of digitally designed invitations means a greater variety of paper styles, colors and designs than just choosing from a few expensive cardstocks and some ink colors (maybe some ribbons here and there). Digitally printed invites create more room for bold patterns and prints, something many people want to take advantage of in an effort to be more personal. Your invitations can become a much greater bearer of your wedding “theme” or atmosphere with more options: gingham, floral, trellis, geometric, vintage. You can also have all of these great options for less money and with less production time. Our selection of digital wedding invitations is growing rapidly because it allows couples to get more bang for their buck.

Fleur de Lis Swirl Wedding Invitation Suite

But if invitations aren’t your thing and you’re really struggling with the process, it can be helpful to take a look at the latest trends to get a feel for what you like.

If you look at a broad wedding search on Pinterest, there are certainly some wedding themes that are particularly popular right now. Rustic barn weddings are happening all over the place (especially in the South). The combination of industrial components and rustic elements seems to be derived from the rustic trend as well. And of course, as seems to be popular in all party circles, The Gatsby Theme.

Gatsby themed weddings (whether the suggestion is overt or subtle) typically allude to the opulence of the era, like gold rimmed china, long gloves, chandeliers. The theme promotes old world elegance, ideally in a subtle manner to avoid costume-jewelry-type tackiness.

Choosing wedding stationery to fit within your Gatsby/roaring 20s wedding theme should promote those same elements: thick, luxurious paper, metallic inks, vintage fonts, art deco details. If you have specific wedding colors in mind, incorporate those. In this particular instance, it’s ok to be a little over the top. It tells your guests what kind of party this wedding will be.

Perhaps the most widespread wedding trend of late is the “rustic” wedding. We feel the need for quotes here because there have been so many variations of this theme generated over the past year or so. Rustic weddings are great because they have that “down home” feel which encourages DIY wedding planning, which lends itself well to a very personalized experience.

Vintage Laurel Wreath Wedding Invitations

Whether your un-betrothed  self already has a Pinterest board chock-full of rustic wedding pins or you’re just starting to explore themes with your partner, it’s good to know that rustic weddings really all boil to down to a few core elements. Natural, unfinished materials are a great place to start: burlap (maybe throw some lace in there for good measure), raw or rough-hewn wood, and handpicked, simple greenery. Your new mantra: trees and barns. Trees and barns. Invitations are also easy to integrate in this case. Keep it simple. Kraft paper or light colors, flowery, elegant fonts, hints of lace, textured paper.

We mentioned earlier that as rustic weddings became popular, many variations of this theme arrived on the scene. One that seems to have taken hold, especially amongst the more minimalist crowd is the combination of industrial and rustic. Choosing an industrial venue and adding a few homey accents is a nice balance between refined and country, minimalist and elaborate. Industrial venues, with their concrete flooring, exposed brick, open floor plan and (typically) large windows call for minimal card design, in terms of invitations, with bold color for font or even images in place of some wording. The invitation is a good opportunity to showcase understated design, but warmed up with touches of fabric, scripted wording, or floral accents to make it more appealing. Here, it’s all about the juxtaposition.

Because who doesn’t love a good juxtaposition?

Like we said before, the most important thing is that your wedding invitations reflect you both as a couple. This is the trend above all trends. While it can certainly be helpful to look around and see what your options are, we always emphasize taking the opportunity to display yourself in every aspect of your wedding (especially in your invitations, the first glimpse that anyone will really get of how awesome your wedding is going to be). 

What's your favorite wedding stationery trend?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tips for Planning a Garden Party for Those Who Never Have

There’s nothing quite like planning a garden party. Given the material you’ll already have to work with, planning this kind of party typically means a dazzling event with less work. There’s something so great about throwing a party outside surrounded by beautiful greenery, good weather, good people, and good food. If you’ve never planned a garden party before, here’s a list of helpful tips to keep in mind!


Invitations for a garden party, as with any event, are your first chance to set the tone. They indicate to your guests how formal the event is going to be, which in turn suggests what to wear, if they should bring anything, etc. When searching for the perfect invites, keep in mind that some of the more filigreed options would indicate a certain level of formality, whereas an invitation with blocked wording and illustrative styling might denote an informal environment. There is no shortage of floral-themed invitations at Paper Style and obviously we highly encourage you to check them out (wink wink).  

Obvious though it may sound, make sure to keep in mind the actual information you’d like on your invitation. Check out the “Wording” section on this post that we did last year for a checklist of the standard information included on any invitation. Do tell your guests time and date and location, obviously, but it’s also helpful to include information about apparel. Want your guests to wear big, fancy hats? Put it on the invite! Want them to bring a shawl or sweater or parka (depending on their inclination to cold) because the party will go well into the evening? You gotta let them know, you know?


In a garden, of course! Or really, anywhere outside that you have available to you. The idea behind any outdoor party is minimal décor. Let the outdoors do the decorating for you! The world is your oyster and all that. If you have an amazing garden that you’re super proud of and ready to show off, a garden party is the perfect way to do that! But even if your backyard is mostly concrete and weeds, you can still throw a beautiful, whimsical party with the right tools.

If you’re lacking in the greenery department, it might be a good idea to invest in some large planters that you can fill with an assortment of greenery. Not just for the party, either. Big pots of flowers or plants will always make a good addition to your space, especially if you choose low-maintenance plants, like ivies or succulents.

Since the focal aspect of the party is the greenery, if you have a lush space to work with, it’s best to have your primary set-up (your tables or benches or wherever the wine is) in the middle of all of that.

As another note, we’re particularly fond of white décor for garden parties because it’s light and airy during the day and sort of captures your lighting in the evening.  White tablecloths/table runners, napkins, white canopies or umbrellas, white centerpiece holders… Even if you only throw in a few white elements, it adds a nice, clean pop to the rainbow of color in the garden.

But then, who are we kidding, your color scheme should reflect the type of party you’re having and there’s no such thing as too much color at a garden party. C’mon, it’s a garden.

Canopies & Lighting (see also: really important parts of the party planning)

If your party is in the morning or afternoon and your space is without much cover or shade, it’s a good idea to invest in canopies from a rental company (if your party is a large one) or patio umbrellas (for smaller or more casual parties). Don’t make your guests sweat it out.

If your party is in the evening, or will continue into the evening, you need to account for lighting: and let me tell you, bistro lights are where it’s at y’all. Or really any type of lights that you can string around hedges or up in trees. We love bistro lights in particular because they’re so versatile. They can certainly be used capriciously to give the party a much more whimsical, natural feel, but they also look great worked into modern, industrial design, taking into account patterns and angles.

Ashley Urke (Domestic Fashionista)

Tables & Seating (see also: the most important parts of the party planning)

Tables and seating are the major components in the overall atmosphere of the party. Parties that are on the casual side might be better suited to family style tables and seating, whereas more formal events might be best with several separate, round tables, perhaps even high cocktail tables. Ultimately, what you can provide for your guests will depend on the space you’re holding the party in and if you’re looking to spend major ducats.

Family style seating tends to be the go-to. It provide a great environment and drives interaction with other guests. It makes serving food easier and it takes fewer resources (tables).

If you’re throwing a party where the food will be limited (but perhaps drinks will be plentiful, if you know what I mean) several high cocktail tables are probably your best bet. It gives people more space to mingle and since they won’t need much space for plates, you can open up the event space by reducing the table space. It really all depends what atmosphere you’re trying to create.

It’s also a good idea to include separate seating away from the table to encourage mingling. We love outdoor ottomans, benches, or porch swings with comfy and inviting pillows. They’re functional and decorative!


The idea behind a garden party is to keep the floral theme running through all the elements of your event, even if the space you’re working with isn’t particularly verdant. In fact, centerpieces are the perfect opportunity to pack a floral punch, even if your space is minimal and industrial.

Aimee Smith Media

Centerpieces are the best way to make a statement about the kind of party you’re hosting, in a nutshell. What you include in your centerpieces and how they’re arranged are important. Choosing seasonal flowers is typically best, as they’ll likely cost less and probably last longer. Now that it’s summer, we love the idea of gardens and parties filled with sunflowers and colorful wildflowers. But ultimately, flower choice should be a direct reflection of the ambiance of your event. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong, no matter what you choose. Who doesn’t love pretty flowers?

But be sure to check out our Garden Party Pinterest Board for more inspiration!     

Monday, June 30, 2014

We Love BIG NEWS: Andrew Gets Engaged!

Happy Monday, everyone! What better way to start the week than with good news, right?

At Paper Style, we spend all day, every day helping people celebrate their lives. We get to hear all about your parties and weddings and birthdays and we love every minute of it. Relishing in all the excitement surrounding celebrations, it always feels extra special for us when one of our own team members has big news!

Last week, Andrew, our Director of Web Content, asked his girlfriend to marry him! Man, do we love a good engagement story...

We sat down to ask Andrew some questions about the engagement, and of course, it was the kind of romantic story that makes us all smile from ear to ear:

TPSB: How long had you been planning before you asked Heather to marry you?

A: I’d been planning the proposal for about 4 months. We had already planned a trip out west to Seattle and then to Montana to visit her family. I knew how special her lake house on Flathead Lake was to her. After much thought, I decided there couldn’t be a better spot to propose.

TPSB: How did you pick the ring? Had you guys been ring shopping together or did you just surprise her with one you picked?

A: Well, after a little while in a relationship – sometimes subtle hints are dropped. And there are sometimes not so subtle hints like “Oh, look, a jewelry counter….” We had a few discussions about ideas, so when I was ready I had something to work with. The hardest part was keeping it a secret, especially when it arrived over a month before our trip!

TPSB: It's early, but are there any details that you both are sure about yet? You mentioned the possibility of a destination wedding?

A: We’re still in the “Let’s enjoy this for a minute” phase, but we intend to start planning in a week or so. The one thing we do know is that we’d like a destination wedding. With our families and friends so spread out (Montana and Georgia, primarily) we figure we should make everyone travel and get a little sand between their toes!

TPSB: How did Heather react when you proposed?

A: She was over the moon! My plans included the one place where she has some of the best memories, and my asking her there added one more Special Memory of many to come! Her smile alone was worth another year of planning.

TPSB: Will you be getting your wedding stationery through Paper Style? (Shameless plug, y'all. Sorry! We're just so excited!)

A: We will definitely be placing an order for Save The Dates and Wedding Invitations as soon as we iron out those important details. Possibly one of the great beach wedding gatefold invitations. We already have a few sets of individual stationery for thank you notes – but I guess I’ll have to update hers with a new name!!!

Ah, the sweet sound of wedding bells on a Monday morning. What could be better? Do you have an extra-special proposal story to share?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day from the PaperStyle Team!


It's been said that it's hard to fathom fatherhood until it happens to you. Our Paper Style team is proud to be as family-oriented as we are. Some of our team members even have kids who have spent large chunks of their summer hanging out around our office, growing up with Paper Style. This Father's Day, we want to celebrate all the dads around here, for all the things they've done and continue to do!

Our founder, Chris Wegener, with his dad Ed in 1979.

Here's a more recent picture of Ed, hanging out on the rocks in Arizona,
on a trip with his daughter, (& our COO) Diane!

Andrea in Web Support (6th from the right) with her father, John, and all the ladies in his life!

Andrea's daughter, Cara, who works in Shipping & Web Support, with her her dad, Bob,
at the Kappa Delta “Daddy Daughter Tailgate” this past year! 

Type Stylist, Debbie, with her father, John!

Type Stylist Traci and her dad, Joe, around 1963 and again in 2006! 

Here's one of our Type Stylists, Robyn, with her mom and her dad, Roy!

Andrew, our Director of Content Management, is livin' the high life and enjoying every minute of not being on midnight diaper duty (for now). 

Kim, our Director of Operations, with her dad, Dwight!

Our Quality Control & Social Media Coordinator, Aimee, with her father, Kevin, at her college graduation! (Go Highlanders!)

Michael, our Graphics Specialist, wanted to express how great he feels being a father! He says: "One of the things that I love about being a dad is that I get the opportunity to create memories in my daughter's mind, that hopefully would last a lifetime. This picture was taken the day that she learned how to ride a bike... I was on her side encouraging her to maintain her balance, but most importantly to take risks and leave fears behind." You're doing a great job, Mike!

How are you celebrating your Father's Day?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Link Collective {Mother's Day!}

With Mother's Day a little over a week away, we figured this post could serve as both a reminder (uh-oh!) and a way to get some cute, last minute ideas for Mother's Day. I mean, anyone who does the work of twenty for free, deserves a little lovin', right?

This week's Friday Link Collective is centered around Mommy Dearest. (Note the spelling. We don't mean the Crawford story.) Show your mama a little love this Mother's Day with the help of some of these fabulous links!

If you're on a tight budget, this list from Centsational Girl of simple, inexpensive Mother's Day gifts is a great tool to have. With ideas ranging from fabric-covered mousepads to family Polaroid coasters, you're sure to find something perfect for your mom! And if you haven't already, you only have about a week, so you might want to get started.

Eating out on Mother's Day can be more of a hassle than it's worth. Why not make the day even more special for Mom by making her brunch (with bottomless mimosas, perhaps)? This list of 25 Easy Make-Ahead Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes from Babble has so many delicious-sounding breakfast/brunch ideas that you won't even know where to begin. (Why, hello there, Tiny Maple Walnut Coffee Cakes.)

You know what would make that Mother's Day brunch table look even prettier? One of these Easy Mother's Day Flower Arrangements from BHG. Super simple, but super delightful, it'll also make Mom feel super special.

We felt it absolutely necessary to include this next link, because who doesn't love pop-up cards? Though the instructions can seem a little daunting at first, these Mother's Day floral pop-up cards from Martha Stewart are a great thing to give your mama for Mother's Day and for her to keep, to remind her how loved she is, all year long.

Because she is, right? Make sure to show your mamas some love (on Mother's Day for sure, but also just all the time)!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Very Designer Easter

And by "designer" we don't mean Louis V....

We have some really fabulous invitation designers on our Paper Style team (most of whom have really cute kids or dogs). They're the ones who come up with the designs that you fawn over before deciding to buy invitations from us, and we love them. Since last weekend was Easter, and that usually gives us an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, we asked our designers to submit any great photos they took this past weekend!

Stephanie's (of InkTree Designs) bulldog Bella really got into the Easter spirit!
So did Terri's bulldog puppy, Winston!
Amanda (of A plus B) sure has some cute kids!
As does Sarah Beth (of White Dog Paper Co)!

Hope you all had as happy an Easter as all these happy (and cute) campers!