Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Letters from Home

In an age of text messages and emails, we have really gotten used to the immediately gratifying written word – daily for some of us! In our lives, we’ve all probably gotten a letter once or twice. Do you remember why you received those letters? Was it for something important and special? Was it a quick thank you, or a long love letter?

So now that you’re thinking about the notes you’ve gotten, what about the reasons that you could write a note?

Thank you notes are pretty common. For wedding, shower or birthday gifts; for job interviews; and for a job well done. Those are just a few reasons for a thank you note. The real secret to thank you notes is direct and to the point, but expressive and personal. Five minutes from picking up the pen, to putting a stamp on the envelope.

Quick Thinking of You Notes: These are my favorite. A quick note, sometimes only 1 or 2 lines long, written to someone you were thinking of and wanted to share that thought with. I’ve personally written notes like this on post-it notes, the back of an envelope, napkins, a sandwich bag, and even a playing card!

Love letters are an accomplished feat. In the words of author John Donne, "More than kisses, letters mingle souls; for thus friends absent speak." If you have ever recieved one, whether an elaborate missive or a crayon written "check yes or no" passed in class, you know the special feeling of opening that note. When did you last share that feeling?

Long Distance Letters: Another opportunity to write comes to mind. We got a letter this weekend from a friend of ours who is a U.S. Marine, currently deployed overseas. On this recent deployment, we have tried to send him an occasional greeting card, a letter, or even a Facebook message when we think of him! A group of friends sent him a care package for his birthday at the end of May, with a ton of fun goodies and notes from home. He was just writing to say how thankful he was to get some mail from friends at home and that it really made him feel good and loved to have those notes. Do you know someone who is currently abroad for work, pleasure or school?

John Michael Montgomery - Letters from Home

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