Monday, October 20, 2008

Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions

Through email, LiveChat and by phone - we get all kinds of questions about our products and services. This week, we'd like to share a few of the frequently asked Customer Service questions we thought you would like to know. At the same time, we love hearing from you... don't hesitate to ask!

If I place my order today, how soon can I get it?

There are a lot of factors here. Is your order being printed by us, or did you request it blank to print yourself? What is the shipping method you chose? Is there a national holiday that might delay shipping?

Blank orders typically ship out in 1-2 business days, but we ask that you give us 3 business days prior to shipping if possible.

If your order is being printed by us, it is all dependent on how soon your order is approved by you. An e-Proof is posted to your account at within 1 business day of placing your order. Once you have viewed your Proof(s) and made any necessary changes and/or approved your order, it goes to the printing department. Typically an order is printed and shipped the next day after customer approval through the use of e-Proof.

Ok, so.... What is an e-Proof?

An e-Proof is your wording placed on the card you selected as it would appear as a finished product. We typeset according to social etiquette and for the best visual appeal for each individual invitation style. Our team of typesetters will give each order personalized attention to ensure that you love how your order looks! If you need to change the date, add a host or try a new font, our typesetters are here to make your invitations so great, you'll want to frame one!

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