Friday, June 25, 2010

Is it a Full Moon?

Is it a Full Moon, or what?!? That is an often heard joke around the office when the phones are ringing all day, and we are working really hard to make our customers happy.
This weekend we get the opportunity to see not only a Full Moon, but a Lunar Eclipse! According to the NASA website, Saturday morning, June 26th at roughly 5:17am EST there will be a Lunar Eclipse. Observing tip: Look low and to the west just before dawn. So get up a little bit early to catch a great view!

Saturday night, June 26th will be a Full Moon!
If you're looking for a reason to have an evening outdoor party, why not do it under the light of a Full Moon! If you can't make a party happen this month, start your plans for the next full moon on July 26th!

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