Friday, March 25, 2011

Graduation Announcement Tips

A graduation is a milestone event in a person's life. Announce the achievement to family and friends with stylish graduation announcements from Paper Style. Whether it is a high school or college diploma that has been earned, we have got just the card to match your style!  Here are a few tips for your graduation announcements.

Include all the pertinent information-and some fun info too. You'll want to note the commencement ceremony details (when and where your child graduated), the class name and the school attended, and any honors the student received, such as GPA or other ranking and any clubs, sports, or activities. If your student has decided on a college, you might mention that as well. The wording for a high school graduation should be fun and upbeat-remember it's for a young adult who has just achieved something momentous! 

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Add a photo of the graduate. Photo graduation announcements are the most personal of all, and you have so many options in terms of what photo to use. When picking a photo, make sure it's a shot the graduate likes, that it captures her style and personality, and then it clearly depicts her (a blurry photo of her running down the court in a basketball game is not the right shot for an announcement!). You can use a photo of her participating in a school-related activity, or in her cap and gown at the graduation ceremony, or laughing with her friends at a graduation party. If you happen to have a photo of your child when she started high school, consider placing that side by side with a shot of her graduating-friends and family will get a kick out of seeing how she's changed and grown! 

Mail out the announcement in a timely manner. Invitations to high school commencement ceremonies come in short supply, so only a few of your closest family or friends will be able to attend the event. A high school graduation announcement that comes on the heels of the ceremony will be more likely to catch the recipient's attention-which will mean more recognition for your graduate. You want the announcement to feel like news, so don't wait too long after the ceremony to send it out. Design the announcement in advance of the graduation and then save it online; you can return to your saved design once you have a good photo, drop it in, and then order the announcements all in a few minutes. Make sure to have your list of addresses handy so the announcements can go out within a day or two of receiving them from the printer. 

Don't mention gifts. A high school graduation is traditionally an opportunity for friends and family to send gifts in congratulation, so mentioning this, or where to send them, is unnecessary and untoward. Leave it out of your announcement and trust that your graduating child will get all he or she deserves! 

Include a personal touch. With so many options for graduation announcements, you might not know where to start. Why not get the grad's input? Ask her what she likes and how she'd like to announce her graduation. It will let her know how important this moment is, and it will be a great way for you to spend time together before she heads off for college or other adventures. Also think about the school your graduate is leaving and the one he's heading to: add a personalized touch by incorporating the school mascot, a school motto, or a favorite cheer into the design. School colors-either of the school where he's spent the past four years or the college he'll soon be attending-is another great way to make the announcement unique to your grad, and something he may even want to save! 

High school graduation announcements can be a special way of celebrating your child for her accomplishments and sharing a milestone event with people who know and love your child as you do. You can also coordinate a graduation announcement with a graduation party or open house invitation, or combine the two to serve a dual purpose. The options are endless! 

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