Thursday, May 19, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Wedding!

My wife Lindsay and I were just in Mexico for our dear friends Tammy and Linnette's wedding.  What an amazing week and celebration... We wish them our very best! - Chris
The wedding guests took over the super cool, all inclusive resort Playa Fiesta  just outside of the city.  As a dog lover, I snapped a shot of one of the two dogs that belong to the owners Adam and Lindsay from San Francisco.
The center piece of the property was their mosaic pool where we pretty much spent all day.  And the sunsets are as good as it gets!
The welcome party was held at La Bodeguita Del Medio in downtown Puerto Vallarta.  Yes, there was plenty of tequila... It was quite a welcome!  The next day we noticed a sand-art contest where the Mayan Calendar piece really caught our eyes.  The detail was amazing.  They spray it with water periodically so it doesn't fall apart!

In our burlap welcome bags, we received a personal letter and rock with a word painted on that represented us (part of the beach on the property has thousands of rocks that washed up during a hurricane sometime ago).  In return, at the reception, we were asked to do the same for the couple and place them in glass jars... "A single rock represents strength, but with lots of rocks and mortar, you can build a fortress!"  How true and what a cool idea.  And the printed cocktail napkins were a great touch!

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