Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Team Pick: Traci!

We're so glad that this week's Tuesday Team Pick happens to coincide with a new promotion that we're running! Since Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, we're taking 15% off Cinco De Mayo Invites until April 29th!

And it just so happens that Cinco de Mayo is a favorite of Traci's! Traci is one of our wonderful Type Stylists, proofing your order for all sorts of things to make sure you absolutely love your invitations! Here's her pick!

Traci loves all the bold colors and shapes on this invite by Rosanne Beck, and who can blame her? It's fiesta fantastic. It makes us want margaritas. And tacos! 
The colorful papel picado at the top brings everything together, and adds another layer of festivity. This invitation also has matching folded notes, return address labels and gift stickers available. We've found that the square gift stickers make great labels for bottles (...like tequila bottles).
We certainly hope this colorful invitation is getting you in the spirit for a fiesta with family and friends (especially while our sale is going on)!

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