Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Team Pick: Boyd!

In case you haven't been been introduced to Boyd, he's our Warehouse Manager and he does it all. He was voted our company MVP for the month of February. And we have this great photo of him (or, his hands, rather) in action, running our thermography press. So it makes sense that for Boyd's Team Pick, he wouldn't choose just one invitation. Instead, he said he enjoys the challenge that comes with running thermography invitations. There are so many factors that have to be just right for the invitation to come out looking perfect. Here are some examples of his handiwork:

Close-up of the raised, thermographic ink for an Anna Griffin Rehearsal Dinner invitation.

A traditional layout for an Anna Griffin thermography invitation.

Thermography on a Colonial White Deckled Reply Card.

If you really love the look of thermography invitations, you can read more about our process here. And of course, please check out our wonderful selection of invitations available for thermographic printing here.

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