Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting it all together...

My wife is an organizer. She is naturally inclined to plan her approach to everything. Often this includes tab separated notebooks, file folders, sticky notes, color coded highlighters and/or lots of reviewing!
I am a selective organizer. There are certain things that I can be extraordinarily detailed and organized about. For me, this often includes electronic file folders, but when it makes it to paper copies – multiple piles!

When my wife and I got married last year we realized something and anyone who has ever gotten married will tell you as well, that one of the hardest things about this wonderful event is to organize all your wedding information. From colors, to flowers and dresses, to music and food – it can all be overwhelming. Trying to do it all yourself is not only a daunting task, but just plain no fun! Just remember, this is why you have friends and family in general, and bridal attendants in particular!
Your bridal attendants (yes, even the groomsmen!) are there to help make your wedding day incredibly memorable. It’s not uncommon, or even unexpected to ask them to help with specific tasks. Give them small tasks that just need to be done, but that you might not have the time to do. Arrange a to-do list for your attendants, especially as your wedding date gets closer.

One last thing: When my wife and I got married last year, we really relied on our friends to give us a needed break from wedding planning. My biggest advice I can offer a couple is to write into the schedule, “Time to Relax!” Whether it’s a movie and ice cream on the couch each week (Sunday nights at 7 during our wedding planning!), or playing Skee-ball on a Friday night with friends! Just take time to relax, have fun, and do the things that you did before the “Wedding Planning” began. I promise that you will enjoy the scheduled break!

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