Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spotlight on Anna Griffin

Over the years, we have been pleased to provide beautiful products to our customers that are creative, expressive, classic and memorable. As one of our most notable product vendors, Anna Griffin has long been one of our wedding product leaders with her extensive line of invitations and accessories. We were able to catch up with Anna Griffin recently and here is what she had to say!

PaperStyle - When, and why did you start Anna Griffin, Inc.?

Anna Griffin - From my experience in working for Vera Wang in New York, I fell in love with the Bridal business. Combining that love with my training in graphic design, it was only natural that I start my own company designing invitations. I started one of the first wedding invitation companies that allowed brides to make three dimensional invitations themselves without having to custom-order. I launched Anna Griffin Inc. in 1994 and we have been growing ever-since.

PaperStyle - When you are looking for inspiration, where do you turn?

Anna Griffin - To the antique patterns and documents that I have collected for years. My love of antiques and prints stems from my childhood, growing up in my great grandmothers house. She had the most beautiful pieces and I have been inspired by decorative arts created in the 1800’s ever since. The rich color and elaborate painting style is what brings most of my ideas to life.

PaperStyle - In the years you have been doing this, what have you learned that you would like to share?

Anna Griffin - I am so fortunate to be doing what I love to do. I think that it is so important to decide what truly makes you happy and do it the best that you can. My whole journey has been a learning experience. Take everything as an opportunity to grow and change and never be afraid of that change, it will only make you stronger. Remember, everything happens for a reason.

PaperStyle - When do you expect the new line of products to be available?

Anna Griffin - We had such a tremendous response to the fabric collections that we launched earlier this year, we expanded the line to include two sizes of hold everything pouches and an assortment of fashionable luggage tags. They will all be available October 1st, so they are the perfect gifts for the holiday season!

PaperStyle - Do you have a “favorite” of your new line of products?

Anna Griffin - That’s a hard one. I love all of the collections, but I have really been in the Maime mood lately. The Maime Collection is perfect for the summertime with cool and breezy patterns. Since I am always traveling, I really love my bamboo inspired laptop tote bag, it makes me feel like a chic jetsetter and I think that is fabulous!

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