Thursday, August 21, 2008

Social Invitation Etiquette

Etiquette seems to be a popular topic this week. I've seen a number of things, from how to say "Adults only" and "no gifts please" to "how to properly eat corn on the cob."

Here are a few Etiquette tips that our typesetting department typically recommend, according to the Crane Blue Book with regard to Social Invitations. Check back tomorrow for Wedding Invitation Etiquette!

  • Social Invitations should include the Date (including the day of the week), Time and Location and are recommended in that order.
  • According to etiquette, shower invitations should not have registration information. However, for convenience, it has become acceptable.
  • As a courtesy, a name should accompany the RSVP (it’s nice to have a name when calling to RSVP ) or you can use “Regrets only” and also consider a date to reply by. The word “please” is not necessary, as it is included in RSVP.
  • When the guest of honor does not want to receive gifts, a nice way of saying that on an invitation is “Your presence is gift enough” or plainly “No gifts please”. Please know that your guests may be uncomfortable and still bring you a gift.
  • Theme parties usually require some extra planning on the guest’s part (dressing up, extra items to bring etc.) be sure to include that information on your invitation.
  • If you are having a shower, we suggest including the word “shower” on your invitation so that it is clear to guests, rather than stating it as a celebration or party.
  • Special occasion invitations (Christening, Baptism, Confirmation, Bar Mitzvah etc.) should be sent 4 weeks before the RSVP date.

    For an adorable, personal touch, visit and have your child’s picture put on a stamp.


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