Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And the winner is...

Over the past quarter, we've been calling on our team of awesome designers to inspire us with all sorts of new designs. To spice things up a little, we decided to hold a "Best Design" competition. The designers were asked to create new designs in the following categories: Birth Announcements, Moving Announcements, Bridesmaids Luncheon and Bachelorette Party. Then, after all the designs had been submitted, we held a vote to see which design is best-liked amongst the PaperStyle team.

Last Wednesday, PaperStyle employees were asked to put their initials on a Post It and stick it to their favorite design. (I can personally attest to the difficulty of this decision. There were so many great options!)

Summer fun!

Look at all the babies!
The winner of the competition: Floral Chalkboard Wedding Invitations by White Dog Paper Co.! You can check out the rest of their designs here.

The winning design!
A big congrats to White Dog, and a big thank you to all the designers for the amazing invites! Great job, you guys!

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