Monday, August 12, 2013

We Love Wedding Favors. For Real.

Happy Monday, everybody!

Today we’re turning to Pinterest as the subject of our blog post. One of our most popular pins on our More Fun Wedding Things! board is a pin originating from this blog post by Emmaline Bride about wedding favors. We loved that post so much that we wanted to add on with some ideas of our own!

The great thing about wedding favors is that they can so perfectly express the bride and groom as a couple. They should FIT. The perfect wedding favor will remind your guests of you both for a long time to come. That’s why it’s important to be original and get creative. Be personal. Your guests will thank you. With that to say, the ideas we’ve come up with below are just stepping stones. They’re not necessarily original, because that’s up to you! But these are some good starting points anyhow.

Soap is definitely more of a classic in terms of favors, but the great thing about this favor is how versatile it can be. If you’ve spent any time roaming around Etsy, for example (which I have spent WAY too much time doing), you know that the options are endless. You’ve got terms like scratch-made, cold-process, natural, organic, oil- and fragrance-free floating around and that’s not even getting into all the different scents that are available. Delicious things. Scents that make you want to eat the soap (not recommended). 

Sudstress is one of our new Etsy favorites. Her vegan soaps all have delicious sounding names (and who doesn't love delicious things?!) and her favors are absolutely beautiful. 

Image courtesy of Sudstress

You should most definitely check out her Etsy shop and her Facebook page

Like with any other favors, the packaging is important, and you can get really creative with paper, ribbon, fabric, string, etc. So, with a little ingenuity, soap favors can fit into any style of wedding.

I went to an all-girls private, Catholic high school in the heart of Los Angeles and one thing I can definitely say about my high school is that they had some seriously lovely traditions. In one of my favorite traditions, incoming freshman are given a packet of rose seeds. You can obviously do whatever you want with them (I don’t think I had anywhere to plant mine. They might still be existing in the back of my closet…), but the idea is that your time in high school will cultivate a beautiful, blooming young woman, ready to take on the world. The tradition ends with each girl receiving a bouquet of red roses at graduation to carry on the stage with her, to represent the growth she's experienced.

In the same way, seeds are a great wedding favor. They might not be as practical as say, food, if your guests have no gardens or black thumbs, but I like to think that the thought behind the seed favor is a good one. Find seeds for the bride’s favorite flower, or a flower that is particularly meaningful to the couple. There are also so many cute ways to package something as small as seeds, in paper or cloth bags or boxes, perhaps stamped with your new monogram, or some song lyrics… anything, really. Colorful seed bombs are also catching on very quickly as an environmentally friendly way to spruce up your celebration. They add color to favor bags and of course, they can be taken home and planted.

Image via PaperSprouts

Though a little on the expensive side, these are keepsakes and, well-taken care of, can last more than a lifetime. Again, wedding favors are all about reminding your guests about you and your new partner. This is a beautiful, timeless sort of favor, simply personalized. And wine never goes out of style, right? You can check out PaperStyle's collection of Kate Aspen Stemless Wineglasses right here.

Image via PaperStyle

This is my personal favorite. Music is such an integral part of life for so many people. And I've lost track of all the people I know who met because of music. Making mix CDs for your guests can be cost efficient, creative, and super personal (first song you danced to, tracks from your favorite bands, songs played at the wedding, etc.) Take a peek at this article from Offbeat Bride to get even more ideas!

We'd love to hear what kind of favors you had at your wedding! 


Allison said...

Oh wow, that's my soap favor you featured! Kat did such a great job and worked with us on colors and scents to fit what we wanted. Our recurring theme was our initials in a heart and she did a great job of making it work in the soap. To all you lovely brides out there, be creative and have fun while you're planning your favors and other wedding details. Enjoy every moment because it goes by fast!!

John Smith said...

I bought your stemless wine glasses for my son's marriage and bridal gifts from gracious bridal. The glasses really added a charm to the wedding party. Thank you so much